With this simple Excel tool, one can easily calculate the composition of a boilie mix in terms of percentages of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat content.

In addition, itís easy to see what the ultimate hardness of the boilie would be, how easy it is to process the boilie mix and to what extent boilies have a short or long term attractiveness to carp.


Calculadora para Boilies


Hardness: Scores vary between 25 and 100, with 100 being a very hard boilie that lasts a long time in the water without getting soft

Processing: Scores around 25-50 mean boilies are very difficult to process. The dough may be very sticky, spongy and especially with rolling tables difficult to process. A score of a 100 means you created a boilie makers dream dough composition.

Instant Response: In general, I am assuming that high Carbohydrate boilies lead to a high instant response (with a score between 75 and 100) and would be very useful in short term campaigns without time to pre-bait. High Protein boilies which will score around 50-75, are more useful to be baited up with in the longer run.

So how does it work: Simply fill in the ounces of ingredients that you will be using in the base-mix. There are 30 main boilie ingredients to choose from. For those people who have some specific boilie ingredients they would like to include, please send me a pm or e-mail and Iíll see if I can update the Boilie Calculator.

In addition you have to add the special ingredients such as eggs, sugar, salt, oil, powder additives (f.e. chili powder) and flavors. I used the weight of an ìaverageî egg of 2.29 ounce. Just fill in the number of eggs you will need in your mix in the green cell (in my case I often work with an average of 0.39 eggs per ounce of dry mix, but this will very much depend on the exact composition of the mix). In case you use smaller or bigger eggs, you can manually overwrite the total egg weight in ounces in the blue cell.

And thatís it really. Have a look at it and tell me if you would like something changed. Of course the exact protein/fat/carb content will differ somewhat depending on the supplier and quality of the ingredients. So donít see it as an exact science. Itís a tool that might give you a better idea of the composition of your boilies, especially for starting boilie makers. Of course you could also apply it for dough balls (with the exception of the ìhardnessî factor).

If you put the number of eggs at zero, you can also check the composition of any individual ingredient. Let me know if you would happen to disagree with a particular composition. This is still the first version and Iím sure there will be quite a few changes in the future.

Note for the high protein freaks: do you see how difficult it is to get to a very high protein level (f.e. above 60%) if you keep using whole eggs in your boilies? There is simply a too low protein contents in whole eggs. It might be better to start using egg powder and egg albumin instead. Or accept a lower protein contents in the 40-50% ranges (which in my view would be more than enough anyhow).

Have fun!

Mario Kok

O Sr Mario Kok é um Holandese que vive em México.